Final MeetingDem International Meeting in Milan

Participants from the four countries, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and the UK attended the final project international meeting last week (20th and 21st of January 2017) in Milan.  We were hosted by the Italian project team at the Don Gnocchi Foundation.

Over the two days we were able to reflect on the successes of the project as well as think about the outcomes of the evaluation and plan for the UK National Conference.


Witthout doubt one of the highlights was the visit to one of the Italian Meeting Centres at Carlo Poma Associazone CSRC . We were greeted by the Director Adolfo Cozzolino and were very quickly engaged in some invigorating psychomotor therapy with members and volunteers.


It was a real treat to sit down with members and family carers and share a delicious lunch  and share our experiences of Meeting Centres. There are of course some differences but the atmoshphere and the warmth and friendliness are very much something we all have in common.

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