Useful resources

This page brings together a variety of resources used by Meeting Centres to support their members and family carers. While many are being used or were developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when support was provided remotely, they may still be useful when support is provided face-to-face.

As well as being resources in their own right, they can provide inspiration for you to try with a group or suggestions for families and members to have a go at together.

Further resources will be added as we hear about them.

Key resources

To find out more about the free online Meeting Centre training course please visit the Association for Dementia Studies website.

  • Guidelines for setting up and running a successful Meeting Centre, plus associated appendices and evidence
  • The Essential Features of a Meeting Centre
  • A booklet for carers, by carers
  • Information sheets
  • Alive activities has adapted some of the information from the guidelines to create their own checklist to help when considering different potential Meeting Centre venues
  • The free tools on this website may also be useful for assessing whether a venue is dementia friendly – Link to website

Online session guidance

General activity kits and ideas

Singing and music activities

Dancing activities

  • Everybody dance – YouTube video clips of gentle and seated dance sessions. Filmed outdoors in lovely surroundings.

Exercise activities

Quizzes, puzzles and similar activities

Practical ‘making’ activities

  • How to make a bird feeder – YouTube video clip, but a bird feeder can help to attract wildlife and provide engagement and stimulation.

Nature-based activities

Resources for carers

Response to COVID-19

  • The National Dementia Action Alliance ‘Stay Connected Campaign’ brings together examples of how NDAA members are responding to COVID-19 and supporting people affected by dementia.
  • The Association for Dementia Studies has produced a guide for community groups such as Meeting Centres on supporting people living with dementia and their families during COVID-19.

Reopening Meeting Centres


Some of the Meeting Centres have kindly shared examples of their own newsletters as inspiration for others looking to do similar – or for those looking for new content for their own existing newsletters maybe?

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