Useful resources

This page brings together a variety of resources used by Meeting Centres to support their members and family carers. While many are being used or were developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when support was provided remotely, they may still be useful when support is provided face-to-face.

As well as being resources in their own right, they can provide inspiration for you to try with a group or suggestions for families and members to have a go at together.

Further resources will be added as we hear about them.

Online session guidance

General activity kits and ideas

Singing and music activities

Dancing activities

  • Everybody dance – YouTube video clips of gentle and seated dance sessions. Filmed outdoors in lovely surroundings.

Exercise activities

Quizzes, puzzles and similar activities

Practical ‘making’ activities

  • How to make a bird feeder – YouTube video clip, but a bird feeder can help to attract wildlife and provide engagement and stimulation.

Nature-based activities

Resources for carers

Response to COVID-19

  • The National Dementia Action Alliance ‘Stay Connected Campaign’ brings together examples of how NDAA members are responding to COVID-19 and supporting people affected by dementia.
  • The Association for Dementia Studies has produced a guide for community groups such as Meeting Centres on supporting people living with dementia and their families during COVID-19.

Reopening Meeting Centres


Some of the Meeting Centres have kindly shared examples of their own newsletters as inspiration for others looking to do similar – or for those looking for new content for their own existing newsletters maybe?

Worcestershire Meeting Centres

We have pulled together contact details for the Meeting Centres across Worcestershire:

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